Actual information COVID - 19


Actual information COVID - 19

last updated on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 (12:00)

Rules and Recommendations 

It is possible to provide accommodation services to anyone who has no symptoms of covid-19 and proves that they meet one of the following conditions (does not apply to children under 6 years):


  • present a confirmation demonstrating that they took a PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 at least in the preceding 5 days, 
  • resent a confirmation demonstrating that they took a POC antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 at least in the preceding 72 hours, 
  • they have been issued a confirmation on vaccination against COVID-19, and at least 22 days have passed since the application of the 1st dose of a vaccine (in the case of a two-dose scheme)
  • has undergone laboratory-confirmed covid-19 disease, the isolation period has elapsed and no more than 180 days have elapsed since the first positive antigen or PCR test,
  • prove a negative result from the self-test provided by the employer not older than 72 hours,
    provide a solemn declaration, resp. a solemn declaration by a legal representative that completed a self-test at school with a negative result no later than 72 hours ago,
  • undergo a preventive antigenic self-test upon entering the premises 


You can stay for a maximum of 7 days. In the case of extending your vacation, you must meet the conditions again or undergo a self-test on the spot. 


If you do not have your own test, we will provide you with an antigenic covid test on site free of charge.