Legal notice

Legal notice




  1. These accommodation rules relate to accommodation at Residence U Mecenáše (hereinafter the “residence”).
  2. Only a guest whom we have properly registered may be accommodated in the residence. Therefore, at our office between 8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m or at other times in our restaurant, each guest shall present his/her identity card (or valid passport). Immediately upon check-in, we will issue the client an invoice for payment for provided services, which shall also serve as documented proof of accommodation. The guest will receive keys to his/her room and to the entrance to the accommodation section of the residence.
  3. At check-out, the guest shall be required to return the keys to the room and to the entrance to the accommodation section.
  4. Should the accommodated guest wish to prolong the say, the guest must notify us no later than by 5 p.m. before the day for planned check-out.
  5. If the guest requests extension of the stay, we may, if possible depending on our needs for subsequent reservations, either satisfy the request or offer another form of accommodation besides the room where he/she was originally accommodated.
  6. Based on an order (placed either by phone or in writing, depending on the length of stay), accommodation is reserved for the guest until 11 p.m. on the agreed date at the latest. If the guest wishes to arrive later than that cut-off time, it must first be agreed upon.
  7. The period for accommodation shall begin at 3 p.m. on the agreed date.
  8. The guest shall be entitled to use the room for the period agreed upon with us and which has been properly paid for. On the last day of the stay, the guest shall be required to vacate the room no later than by 11 a.m. If the guest vacates the room after 11 a.m., we may bill the client for another day of stay.
  9. If a guest requests accommodation before 11 a.m. and as a result accommodation capacity cannot be leased for the previous night, then the guest shall be required to pay the cost of accommodation also for the entire previous night.
  10. If a guest is arriving earlier than at 3 p.m. or leaving later than at 11 a.m., there is a option to store a luggage in our office for free upon request.
  11. In the suites and socialising spaces of the hotel, the guest is not allowed without first obtaining our permission to move furniture, make repairs or carry out any interventions in electricity networks or other installations.
  12. A guest may accept non-accommodated persons (visitors) only between 9 a.m.and 10 p.m.
  13. If a guest is accommodated in a suite, he/she is required on the date of arrival to check the inventory list, which is located in each suite, and to inform us immediately of any discovered differences between the list and what is actually located in the room. Later complaints will be ignored, and the guest will be required to pay cash for any missing items.
  14. For safety reasons, the guests are not permitted to use their own electrical appliances at the hotel. This restriction does not apply to minor electrical appliances for personal hygiene (such as electric shavers, massage machines and hair dryers).
  15. Dogs and pets are not allowed in the residence.
  16. Between 10 p.m and 7 a.m., the guest is required to OBSERVE THE NIGHT-TIME QUIET PERIOD!!! Please note that hen and stag / all men parties cannot be accommodated at the property. Also “drinking” parties are not allowed in the residence.
  17. It is also necessary to maintain quiet during the day and not to disturb other guests with excessive shouting, loud singing, loud music, etc.
  18. The guest shall be fully liable under applicable regulations for any damage caused to the hotel’s property and equipment and shall be required to compensate in full for such damage.
  19. The guest is required to place all types of waste in their designated locations and containers.
  20. The guest is required to pay the prices for accommodation and provided services in accordance with the valid price list. The bill shall be due on the date of check-in.
  21. The hotel shall not be liable for any loss or damage of a guest’s property, unless caused by a hotel employee.
  22. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED in all parts of the residence under the fee of 100€!!!
  23. The guest is required to comply with these accommodation rules. If the guest violates any of the provisions hereof in any way, the hotel shall be entitled to terminate the guest’s stay immediately without being required to pay the guest any financial compensation.

These accommodation rules shall take effect on 21 March 2016.





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